Collaborative Wealth Management

GPM's Collaboration Center provides a powerful financial management website for wealth planning clients.

Your financial picture is presented holistically and updated dynamically.

We make it easy to collaborate, track all of your assets and liabilities, monitor your financial position and plan for what's next - making it easier to manage both your wealth and your well-being.

Our wealth management guidance and planning is well-tailored to each client.  Some focus areas include preparing long-term projections that put retirement planning in clear financial context, evaluating employer sponsored investment plans and devising strategies to exercise options and/or sell employer stock.  We routinely engage with client tax advisors and attorneys to assist in tax, estate and generational wealth planning and to help structure funding of their philanthropic pursuits. 

<strong>Wealth Planning and Cash Flow Projections</strong>

Wealth Planning and Cash Flow Projections

Success in business starts with a clear, well-conceived plan that is executed with discipline.  The same is true in personal financial planning and investment management.  GPM's experienced team considers all the variables that affect the growth of your wealth and the income it produces. Working collaboratively, we will develop an exceptionally well-tailored strategy to confidently transform your vision into reality.  Your personal wealth management (PWM) website is supported by our robust technology platform.   Our detailed and dynamically updated long-term wealth and cash flow projections map out your assets and growth, income sources, living expenses and inflation.  We use conservative assumptions to provide the critical insight you need to be confident that your wealth and other sources of income will support your vision.