Managed Portfolios

<strong><em>Investing in high quality, U.S. based sustainable growth companies that compete and win worldwide.</em></strong>

Investing in high quality, U.S. based sustainable growth companies that compete and win worldwide.

GPM offers two distinct portfolio approaches. 100% Stock and Balanced.  Both portfolio strategies are clearly defined, built on the same foundation of approximately 25 to 30 high quality companies, and well-tailored to fit each client in support of their long-term wealth accumulation and income generation goals.

Our team members invest in GPM portfolio holdings alongside our clients. Our portfolio managers invest nearly 100% of their personal investment capital in the same securities owned in client portfolios. GPM’s corporate investment account, managed as a balanced portfolio, also invests in the same securities held in client portfolios.

GPM 100% Stock Portfolio Strategy 

GPM has a disciplined and unwavering commitment to a consistent investment process and exceptional client support. Client
portfolios are actively managed to deliver growth and income. Our investment philosophy is long-term oriented. We invest in high
quality, growing businesses with sustainable competitive and value-creating advantages that we believe will provide attractive overall
portfolio returns. Our strategy gives us confidence to ride out market pullbacks and is well understood by our clients, who share our
long-term view.  

Core GPM Stock Ownership Criteria:

  • We favor compounders - businesses that become more valuable as their earnings power grows even though the market price may tell us otherwise at times.
  • We invest in a limited number of competitively advantaged and attractively valued companies with long-term records of growth
    in sales, earnings, cash flow, and dividends.
  • We focus on businesses with highly recurring revenue and solid business visibility.
  • We want agile, experienced management teams that reinvest capital at high rates of return and drive long-term shareholder value.
  • We target companies that create demand with innovative products, superior services, and effective marketing - with the size and
    scale to compete and win worldwide. We want to buy and hold stocks when the underlying business value is both growing and
    believed to be greater than the current share price.

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GPM Balanced Portfolio Strategy

Our moderate-risk balanced portfolios invest for growth and current income.  Balanced portfolios take a more conservative approach that combines a solid foundation of GPM stocks with a well-diversified bond component to buffer risk and add to an income stream that we expect will grow over time. The bond component holds cash, government and investment grade corporate bonds and high yield issues.   Like many of our clients, we view balanced accounts as a core component of a productive overall retirement investing strategy.  Portfolios are flexibly managed and tailored to individual client risk

<b><i>Open an Account and Monitor your Portfolio with Ease</i></b>

Open an Account and Monitor your Portfolio with Ease

GPM’s website and mobile app deliver a holistic view of your portfolio and progress with exceptional transparency.  You'll have deep insight into portfolio composition and excellent risk management perspective.

New accounts can usually be established in one day.

Minimum portfolio size: $250,000.   

We can easily initiate the transfer of funds from your bank or brokerage firm.   Our primary custodian for client accounts is the institutional division of Charles Schwab & Co.

All accounts are held in client name and separately managed to meet their individual investment objectives.   

GPM does not hold any client money.