Our Investment Process

GPM Growth Investors, Inc. Investment Process
We start with well-defined strategies.
Our GPM Grade Stock strategy is straight-forward. We directly own approximately 30 individual stocks of high quality, industry-leading U.S. companies that compete and win around the world. We focus on high ROE businesses with track records of delivering rewarding long-term growth in sales, earnings, cash flow, dividends, and ultimately stock prices. Our companies are built to adapt and thrive while generating growth in value and income for shareholders. Our approach gives us confidence to ride out market pullbacks and is well understood by our clients, who share our long-term view.

Our balanced strategy takes a more conservative approach. We combine a solid foundation of GPM Grade Companies with a well-diversified bond component to produce higher portfolio income and reduce stock driven volatility. Balanced portfolios are flexibly managed and can be tailored to individual client risk preferences.

Our internal research, decision-making, and strategies are all independent and reflect our long-term experience, views, and judgement.

Disciplined Execution
GPM's stock selection criteria and portfolio management strategies reflect the value driven philosophy of our founder. Our investment process starts with a clear focus on well-run leaders and niche businesses capable of generating superior sales and earnings growth.

Our team invests alongside our clients and has more than sixty years of combined experience managing money for a diverse base of private clients.

Excellent Transparency
GPM is an independent fee-based manager; we work for our clients. Portfolios are held in client name with our preferred custodian, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. GPM's web-based portfolio viewer and reporting platform enables clients to always know what they own and stay well informed of portfolio activity and progress.

Portfolio Minimum: $500,000

GPM Growth Investors, Inc. does not hold any client money. Our client accounts are custodied with the institutional division of Charles Schwab & Co., an industry leader, with over a trillion dollars of assets custodied for clients of advisory firms like GPM. We believe that Schwab does a good job for us and by extension, for our clients.