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Planning Advice and Guidance

GPM’s wealth management guidance varies by client, depending on their life situations.  Some focus areas include preparing projections that put retirement planning in clear financial context, evaluating employer sponsored investment plans and devising strategies to exercise options and/or sell employer stock.  Clients also routinely rely on us to engage with their tax advisor and attorney to assist in estate and generational wealth planning and to help structure funding of their philanthropic pursuits. 

Wealth and Cash Flow Projections

Success in business starts with a clear, well-conceived plan that is executed with discipline.  The same is true in personal financial planning and investment management.  GPM’s experienced team considers all the variables that affect the growth of your wealth.  With your input and our advanced technology, we will develop an exceptionally well-tailored strategy to confidently advance your vision into reality. 

Our detailed, long-term wealth and cash flow projections map out your assets and growth, income sources, living expenses and inflation.  We use conservative assumptions to provide the critical insight you need to be confident that your wealth and other sources of income will support your vision.

Do you have the confidence to retire or work less on your terms?  Plan to use some capital to start a business?  Considering a vacation home, but also wondering if the economics of renting might be better than buying for you?  Want to factor in an increase in expenses for your plans to travel more and cover the costs of other activities?  Wondering how your financial support of a child or parent will impact long-term outcomes?  How do you estimate the potential legacy you will leave for the people you care about most?

Clients often tell us that our commitment to their success brings great peace of mind.  Our quarterly portfolio reports provide a well-liked holistic view of progress.

Retirement and Near Retirement Planning

GPM can help you build a retirement strategy that is sure to keep you excited about what's to come.  Our data-backed retirement planning projections provide the knowledge you need to be confident that the fruits of your labor - your wealth and other sources of income will support a comfortable retirement lifestyle or enable you to work less on your terms.  Our detailed, long-term retirement planning projections map out your assets and growth, cash flow from all income sources, estimated living expenses and inflation.  We use conservative assumptions to provide the confidence reinforcing insight you need to be sure that your assets and income will support your vision.   

We'll consider the following important questions: Do you have a pension and if so, which income benefit option is best for you?  At what age should you begin taking Social Security and are there unique benefit maximizing options available to married couples?  How should my retirement accounts and other investments be positioned to generate the additional income needed?  

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Evaluating Employer Sponsored Accumulation Plans

Our team can evaluate your employer sponsored accumulation plans and help develop long-term strategies to take full advantage of the opportunities available as integral parts of your overall portfolio.  We'll consider stock options and similar plans.  We usually review 401-k investment choices periodically and recommended and/or implemented appropriate changes.  

Philanthropic and Charitable Giving

Creating a strategy for philanthropic and charitable giving can be a complex, but rewarding process.  We will help you define your specific aspirations for giving, and align your passion with a tailored, tax-efficient action plan.  Our approach considers the use of giving appreciated assets, Donor Advised Funds and qualified charitable distributions (QCD) or direct transfers from IRA's.  Larger-scale philanthropic and charitable giving goals can be achieved using foundations and trusts for long-term or generational funding as part of a well integrated estate plan. 

Estate and Generational Wealth Planning

The GPM team works closely with your estate planning attorney, tax and other advisors to develop and execute your comprehensive estate plan.  Our client's estate planning needs range from basic to complex, depending on the size of their estate, their situation in life and a variety of personal considerations.  Key goals for most of our clients include ensuring that after death, their estate property passes to the people they care about, with the lowest amount of estate tax, probate involvement, associated costs and red tape. Continuity of responsible management of investments for future generations is also a high priority.  Tools exist to accomplish these goals. With property ownership and titling strategies and the use of trusts, estate taxes can often be reduced with assets effectively protected from probate while continuing to be managed for beneficiaries of all ages including minor children and others with special needs.