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GPM Managed Portfolios

Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)

The foundation of our investment approach is the ownership of approximately 30 high quality U.S. based companies that compete and win around the world.  

Our Long-Term Growth accounts normally invest 100% in stocks. Balanced accounts take a more conservative approach holding stocks and bonds. Growth and balanced accounts normally hold the same stocks.

GPM Long-Term Growth Strategy (100% stock)

Our all stock strategy invests for long-term growth and is centered around two core competencies - researching high-quality companies and actively managing portfolios built with the individual stocks of those companies to provide growth and income for our clients.  We invest client portfolios in approximately 30 individual stocks of U.S. based industry leaders that compete and win around the world.  We focus on high-ROE businesses with track records of delivering rewarding long-term growth in sales, earnings, cash flow, dividends, and ultimately stock prices.  Our “GPM Grade” companies are built to adapt and thrive while generating growth in value and income for shareholders.  We add select stock ETFs to target certain sectors that we believe have substantial upside potential or to broaden diversification.  Our approach gives us confidence to ride out market pullbacks and is well understood by our clients, who share our long-term view.  GPM’s focus list is comprised of a continuously refined group of approximately one-hundred leading companies that we follow closely.

Our Stock Selection Criteria 

  • High quality U.S. based leaders with a history of innovation and superior sales and earnings growth
  • Produces a product or service for which demand can be created, increased and broadened with effective marketing
  • Has the size and scale to compete and win worldwide
  • Has a shareholder-friendly history of smart capital allocation
  • Generates substantial cash flow to invest internally for growth, make smart acquisitions and increase cash dividend payments to shareholders
  • Stock valuation is reasonable considering historical and prospective growth rates (GARP)

We develop our best understanding of the short and long-term growth prospects for the business.  Our analysis should provide reasons to expect the share price to materially appreciate within two years of purchase.  Ultimately, we want to buy stocks when the underlying business value is both growing and substantially greater than the current share price.   

GPM Balanced Strategy (stocks and bonds)

Our moderate-risk Balanced Strategy invests for growth and current income.  Balanced portfolios take a more conservative approach that combines a solid foundation of GPM stocks with a well-diversified bond component to buffer risk and add to an income stream that we expect will grow over time.   Many clients view their balanced portfolios as a core component of their retirement investing portfolio.  Portfolios are flexibly managed and tailored to individual client risk.  The bond component holds cash, government and investment grade corporate bonds and high yield issues.

Clients leverage our experience to develop and actively execute a well-conceived and well-tailored overall investment strategy.  GPM does not hold any client money.  All accounts are held in client name and separately managed to meet their individual investment objectives.   Our primary custodian for client accounts is the institutional division of Charles Schwab & Co

Asset Allocation Analysis

Knowledge is power.  How much risk really is in your portfolio?  What percentage of your wealth is in stocks, bonds, real estate, cash equivalents and other investments?  How much is in U.S. company stocks, foreign and small and large companies?  What types of bonds do you own, i.e.; government, corporates and other?  How much interest and dividend income is produced?  GPM’s reporting platform delivers a holistic view of your portfolio and progress with exceptional transparency.  We enable you to always see your accounts and portfolio on a consolidated basis, in one quarterly statement, online and on-demand with tax planning simplification, deep insight into overall composition and excellent risk management perspective.