GPM is an independent, employee-owned portfolio management and advisory firm founded in 1993.  We manage money for a diverse base of private clients and advise on financial planning strategy and investing.  Our team culture promotes high quality critical thinking to support clients holistically, leveraging nearly seventy years of combined experience.  Team members invest in GPM portfolio holdings alongside our clients.

Brittney Della Torre

Managing Partner, Client Advisor

Brittney is a Client Advisor, Managing Partner, and GPM Shareholder with lead responsibility for our client experience initiatives.

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Charlie Roehrer

Client Support Specialist

Charlie joined the GPM team in September of 2023 as a Client Support Specialist and Advisor and brings over seven years of experience working with investment advisors and their clients to execute financial planning solutions. 

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Joseph Griffin

Managing Partner

Joe is a shareholder and managing partner and brings nearly fifteen years of company research expertise, investment advisory experience, and client relationship building.

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Timothy Griffin

Portfolio Manager, CEO

Tim is a Portfolio Manager, Analyst, Client Advisor and GPM Shareholder. He formed employee-owned GPM in 1993 to manage money and advise clients on critical financial and investing decisions.

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