Who We Are


GPM is an independent, employee-owned portfolio management and advisory firm founded in 1993. We manage money for private clients and advise on financial planning strategy and investing. Our team culture promotes high quality critical thinking to support clients holistically.


GPM’s research and portfolio management team work collaboratively to execute our well-focused strategy with discipline, leveraging more than 75 years of combined stock-focused investing and client advisory experience.


Our client stock and balanced portfolios are actively managed and built on a solid foundation of approximately 30 high-quality, U.S. based sustainable growth companies that compete and win worldwide.

Our stock investment process is executed with discipline and consistency. We invest in high quality companies that we believe can over time, provide attractive returns with less risk than the overall market.

Core GPM stock selection and ownership criteria:

  • A highly sustainable business that we understand, led by an agile management team with a long-term record of rewarding growth in sales, earnings, cash flow, dividends, and ultimately a higher stock price.
  • Product innovation and service superiority that enables demand creation and positions the company to compete and win worldwide.
  • Business visibility that supports reasonable forecasting.

Client portfolios are actively managed with a long-term perspective to deliver growth and income.

  • Stock accounts are normally 100% invested for long-term growth in value and income.
  • Balanced accounts take a more conservative, moderate risk approach and hold stocks and bonds.

GPM’s collaborative wealth management and guidance is exceptionally well-tailored to each client and supported with a strong technology platform.  We routinely engage with client tax advisors and attorneys to assist in tax, estate and generational wealth planning and to help structure funding of their philanthropic pursuits.

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